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I have no regrets not trading sex for fame - Gospel artist

Sex Gospel Artist

Many will tell you fame comes with a price to pay and lots of celebrities have paid these prices in one way or the other. 

Whether or not there are clean ways of paying these prices is also another topic for discussion someday.

But if you have this thinking that the days of leering music producers promising young or rising stars glittering careers if only they would sleep with them first has passed then you need to come again because recent revelations of gospel artist Constance Koroma tells another story.

The "Amba Saa" singer whose song and video are currently enjoying some airplay has just revealed how some "Big Guns" in the industry expected her to bed them and asked her to sign a “side chick contract” so they make her the star she wishes to become.

Constance, who is working on her first studio album with producer Active, after 12 years of music experience, may not be as well known in the industry but she is a level-headed lass and her reaction was incredulity.

"Trading sex for fame is the industry's guiltiest dirty little secret – everyone knows it exists but no one really talks about it in public. But I am thankful to God I did not fall for it and I have no regrets” the singer told this reporter.

When Constance was asked what, in her opinion, has been the most challenging obstacle in her music career, she referred back to when she was a young ingenue trying to make it big in the industry about 12 years ago but had to be sidelined by some producers because she refused to trade sex for fame.

She explained: “There was this particular album I was working on with one big executive producer who was supposed to assist me financially and the man made it very clear that I would need to sleep with him if I wanted the deal. I walked out. A lot of girls get taken advantage of. There are a lot of conniving people in our music industry here in Ghana. You need to stay on your guard.”
You’re going to meet them and you’re so excited, thinking, ‘You're the luckiest to have them discuss your music career’ and you realise that’s not what they want at all,” she complained.

According to her, she wouldn't want to mention names for now since doing that will not only have her music career sabotaged but also put her life in danger.

She also hinted at the release of "Jesus He Do" and "Begye Yen" in the coming days and also dropping the visuals in few weeks after the release of the two singles.

She also talked about dropping her first album by close of this year but did not give many details on it.

Constance feels something needs to be done to end this guiltiest dirty little secret so women will be encouraged in the music industry.

source: Nana Reagan

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