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Popular Ghanaian celebrity stylist, Roji Olele’s lesbian sex tape leaks

Roji Okoro 2

Most people who follow female celebrities in Ghana know that one person who is famous on their social media handles is a lady called Roji 1. Roji 1 is a celebrity hairstylist and frankly one of the very best in Ghana and she is trending for the wrong reasons on social media.

Born Roji Olele, Roji whose famous shop is in Kokompe’s video of her kissing another lady is fast going viral on social media.

For months it’s been alleged Roji is a lesbian and most of these allegations came from failed Parliamentary aspirant and the former best friend of Roji now turned enemy, Diamond Appiah.

In this new video, Roji Olele is busy kissing a and caressing another lady passionately. From the video, it’s obvious she is not new to this. She is a pro!!.

Diamond Appiah who was looking for an opportunity to jab her enemy has already taken to social media to throw jabs at Roji Olele for being a lesbian. She also accused her of sleeping with boys who are years younger than her.

Interestingly, others defended that the lady in the video is not Roji Olele of Roji1 Hairstylist but as Usual, Diamond Appiah had an answer.

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