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                Her story made me cry, not only me but my whole crew and all who heard her story. Her dream of going to school and living a happy life turned into a nightmare as she got to what was supposed to be a dreamworld. 
We spotted her at the CMB Market on the 22nd of October 2018 as Beko TV and Young Pope Gh went on the Beko TV's Ghana Tour Vibes Accra edition.  She was asked to leave her sick mother and move into the city of Accra with a friend of her mom. She was promised a brighter future in the city of Accra but upon reaching their destination, those brighter days turned to night;  unleashing nightmares unto her. At the age of 9, instead of learning English, Mathematics, Science etc just as her friends in school, she was learning how to manage a business and the Accra CMB Market was her classroom.

               She had to wake up as early as 4:00am just to make sure she got to the market early and get started with business else she risk the chance of not eating the whole day since she has to reach a target of Gh¢10.00 before she could use the extra money she got to buy herself a meal. Selling her items for 50p each. She technically was fending for herself and she barely ate more than twice a day. 
Beko TV, ,and a couple of other websites picked up the news and published it and in less than two days the news got to her mother who rushed to pick up her child but due to her financial position 10 year old Gifty Aberka can no longer go to school and her dream of becoming a great person in future is no more possible.  But Beko TV seeks to help her further her education and achieve her long lost dream. For this reason we plead with anyone touched by this little girls story to help enroll her in school and even if possible in a boarding school. We plead that you help put smiles on the faces of little Gifty and others in her situation. 
              You can send your donations to the Mobile Money number 0245865939 with registration; Odompleh Bernard Kwasi  or better still call for more information. Make a child smile and make Ghana proud.We appreciate your efforts.

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