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                Cake Recipe For Beginners 
   Most people think and feel baking of cakes are the role of people with superficial powers, I personally don't think so. Baking is very simple and fun😍😍. It takes personal passion and interest to make baking fun. Let's get started my dear beginners, lest I forget, always humidify your surroundings with some soothing music or your favourite music. I always do with countryside music, they are my faves. That's just by the way 😁😁. Let's set the ball rolling.

- Half pound of Margarine or butter
- Half pound of all purpose flour
- Half cup of sugar
- 5 large eggs
- 2 tablespoons of any flavour of your choice
- Half teaspoon of nutmeg
- Half teaspoon of cinnamon
- Half teaspoon of baking powder
- With a hand mixer or creaming machine, cream measured margarine or butter with your measured sugar until light and fluffy.
- Mix all your dry ingredients in one bowl
- Lightly brush your cake tin and sprinkle a little amount of flour in the greased cake tin
- Beat the eggs and flavour until foamy

- Fold or add the beaten egg to your creamed margarine or butter
- Add your mixed dry ingredients to the creamed margarine and egg mixture, whip immediately until batter is smooth.

- Pre-heat your oven
- Scoop batter into the greased cake tin and smoothen it. (For marble cakes, add a desirable amount of treacle to batter and stir)
- Place your cake tin filled with batter into the pre-heated oven for 30 minutes on low heat.
- Note: Do not fill your cake tin to the brim
- To check for readiness of cake, dip a clean toothpick into cake, when toothpick comes out clean and spotless, it means your cake is ready
- Cut into desirable shape and serve with milk or any beverage
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