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Lovely couple marry in simplicity; no wedding gowns & unreasonable decorations

Big Weddings even though looks good, is becoming a problem in our society.

Each and every person wants to plan their wedding big as a way of pleasing people or to give the impression that they’re well to do.

Some couples even go for loans just to make this come to pass and it takes them years to pay the borrowed money back.

Well, one major disadvantage of a big wedding is, it is likely going to be expensive, given the higher costs for a larger number of wedding invitations, wedding catering costs per-person, wedding favors, and more.

Notwithstanding, a lovely couple identified as Sian Bailey and Jason Goliath are going viral online having decided to do a very simple wedding.

In the trending photos, one can see them wearing a simple round-neck, jeans down and sneakers as they stood at the alter for their marriage to be blessed.

Only few friends and family could be seen looking on very gay for the just-married couple.

“Congrats to Sian Bailey & Jason Goliath on their wedding. No oppulance & unnecessary spending. It’s like they're investing more in their marriage life than the wedding event...

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