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Pinky Cakes and Bakes

       It's a new year and we thank God for life and health. This new year celebration will never be complete without a surreal dessert prepared by you for your loved ones and family. Trust me, one of the greatest feeling as a mother, sister, wife and daughter is to see your loved ones relishing a meal you prepared with so much delight. We are gonna prepare a basic Custard.

Custard powder 35g
Whole or skimmed milk 375ml
Castor Sugar
Half whipped cream or 125ml
non dairy cream  
Whipped sweetened cream
Or non-dairy cream 1/4 litter
Glace cherries 25g

Dilute the custard powder in a basin with some of the milk and add the sugar.

* Boil the reminder of the milk, pour a little on the custard powder and mix well.
* Return the mixture to the saucepan and stir to boil over a low heat.

* Allow to cool, stirring occasionally to prevent a skin forming.. Fold in the three-quarters whipped 125ml cream and serve.

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