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Akon urges media to stop highlighting Africa’s negative stories

Senegalese-American singer, Aliaune Damala Badara Akon Thiam known in music circles as Akon has expressed displeasure at how Africa’s story is told to the world.

Speaking at the Youth Connekt Summit, he bemoaned the propensity of ‘the west’ to often tell Africa’s story in the negative light.

He added that the United States of America has been able to project the positive things over the negatives.
According to him, there are a lot of things in the US that they don’t let the world see but African press does not hesitate to put out negative things going on in Africa.

He therefore admonished the Africans press to tell their own stories.

He believes re-writing the African story in a positive light will go a long way to change the bad image that has been created for Africa.

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