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At your age you still live in your mother’s house with your 5 kids – Kwaw Kese fires Tinny

Seems Kwaw Kese and Tinny are reluctant to let sleeping dogs lie as they keep jabbing each other at the slightest chance.
It all started when Tinny in an interview listed Kwaw Kese as part of the wack rappers in Ghana which obviously did not go down well with the CEO of Madtime Entertainment.
In an interview on Hitz Fm, the CEO of Madtime Entertainment called Tinny a dead goat who can’t boast of any music award.
Kwaw Kese was peeved when Tinny’s name came up in his interaction with Dr Pounds on Hitz Fm.
Infuriated Kwaw Kese called Tinny a hater who went on live radio to ‘diss’ him and turned around to send him a message which he cannot fathom.
Kwaw Kese revealed that before he even came into the music scene Tinny was living at his mother’s house and is still living there as at now with his 5 children.

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