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Ghanaian Student Wins An Award In Britain

Ghanaian Student Wins An Award In Britain

Ghanaian students in foreign countries are excelling and proving that given the same opportunities we can also show up and show out!
Prince Annor Asare is the latest Ghanaian student who is excelling in his academics in a foreign country.Prince a young footballer from Ghana, Ashaiman Newtown to be precise, Prince attends Buckswood School, an independent boarding school overseas and local UK pupils, situated in beautiful countryside on the south coast of England.
He was awarded a gold medal for his “Excellent Vocabulary work in Extra English”

Ok, we’re going to pretend that Extra English is a code name for advanced English studies, however, for a black child of Ghanaian descent ,and from Ashaiman Newtwon to be the best English student in a school in England is one good thing.
This is called beating them at their own gadamn game!
Congrats to Prince!