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Junior US gave Efia Odo $2000 and 'Chopped' her like 'Kako'-Instagram blogger reveals

A notorious Instagram account with username name as ‘those_called_celebs’ has confirmed that Junior US who was a close friend of Shatta Wale was ‘benging’ Efia Odo when he was alive.

Recalled that Shatta Wale in a live social media video in mourning his close friend,Junior US decided to call Efia Odo to join the live feed and in the course of their conversation he revealed that she was warming the bed of Junior US when he was alive.

To add insult to injury,the notorious Instagram blogger has revealed that Junior US’ relationship with the socialite was just a passerby and lasted for only 3 days.

According to the Instagram account,Junior US gave Efia Odo $2000 and even bought her tickets to travel to Ghana.

The Instagram blogger further indicated that Junior US only ‘flexed’ with the Kwese TV presenter for just 3 days so its unfathomable why she is denying ever dating him.

The account also revealed that Junior and his close friend ‘chopped’ her like Kako(Salted fish) and that Efia Odo can never deny the fact that she was ‘Chopped’ by two friends.

She noted that it is futile for the actress to explain herself after the SM boss revealed that she dated Junior US and that Shatta Wale knew what he was saying and Efia Odo should not see that as a joke like she is claiming it was.

The Instagram blogger shared a video of Efia Odo rubishing reports that she dated Junior US on ‘his’ page and captioned it:

“But @nana_juniorus gave u 2000 dollars swdy…he bought ur tickets to Ghana…he flexed wid u just three days so why denying him odo….why can’t u accept de fact that two friends fvcked u kako? Am not against it but dnt deny him….thanks🙏…shatta knows wat he was saying so dnt say is jokes….medaase…”

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