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ONE CORNER hit maker Patapaa says he has regretted featuring on the song DAAVI NE BA by Kawoula Biov.

The rap by Patapaa in DAAVI NE BA song is unintelligible except for the word ‘SCOPATUMANA’ which has spawned a challenge on social media with people trying to rap the lines. However, it appears all is not well between Patapaa and Kawoula who is also a Hiplife artiste.
In a number of interviews, one of them last Saturday, on the Adom Chart Show on Adom FM, Kawoula told host Andy Dosty that he was unhappy with how all the
attention had been focused on Patapaa and not him.
According to him, he wasn’t happy that Patapaa was performing the song at events without him when he paid for the feature.
On Monday, April 29, when Showbiz reached out to Patapaa, he expressed disappointment in Kawoula for saying he had been outshone and also denied taking money to feature.
“I am disappointed at the remarks by Kawoula that I have surpassed him on his song. In fact, when I heard the news, the first thing that came to mind was, I shouldn’t have featured on his song.
“First of all, it is not my fault that people acknowledge and enjoy my verse on the song. I shouldn’t be blamed for the little attention he is receiving with regard to the song.
“Also, he was the one that called and asked me to feature on the song and I never took any money from him so I don’t know why he will say something like that,” he said.
Patapaa said he was offended that his efforts to promote Daavi Ne Ba had been misconstrued by Kawoula.
“I went as far as coming up with the ‘Scopatumana’ challenge to promote his song and it really hurts that my efforts to get it to go viral has been mistaken for greed. 
"What baffles me is the fact that he called me later to apologize with the escuse that he said that to hype the song but that was way too low me. Ghanaians are enjoying the song and that's the best part of it all so why all this? I just wish I never collaborated on DAAVI NE BA with him.
Despite that,  Patapeezy  said he was grateful to God for giving him the talent to do music. "I always thank God for the talent he has given me.  With DAAVI NE BA,  I didn't have to sit to write the lyrics. I just got into the studio and started recording and even though I don't understand the lyrics, I am happy by God's grace,  the rap has won the hearts of Ghanaians ", he said. 
Patapaa, real name Justice Amoah, shot to fame with his single One Corner which gained massive airplay both within and outside the country with a vulgar dance accompanying it. 
He has other songs like It's My Time, Kitchen Stool and Kumchacha amongst others. He told SHOWBIZ he is currently working on a video project for his song dubbed Sweet Honey which features BHIM Nation President StoneBwoy. 

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