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Do i?💍 2

                               Do I? 💍 

                                Episode 2

                           Piece by kwame Shelta 

   Guided by our love, promises were made. 
Heaven was our witness as we swore never to allow our love fade.
Wooing her was the toughest battle i had ever fought, yet conquering her heart and enslaving it to my amorous desires was worth the struggle;atleast that was what i was made to believe on our first date.
   I virtually bought her the world without batting an eyelid, when yet from Ashaiman to Tema, the unabated fracas between bra Mate and I over my change remained unchanged.
   Brewing in the pot of emotions and ecstatic feelings, was a love that tasted better than wine.
   Lying in my arms with affections intertwined, on the first of many nights, was the only thing left of my pride; my woman.
    Enchanted by her charms and finèsse, without proper checks, i stupidly fell immensely into the pits of love when i sold to her my innocence and dignity; at last my virginity for true love has been broken.
    Broken by a heart with thorns on either sides.
Thorns which tickled anytime she told me she loved me and prickled whenever she talked so fondly of her ex.
    Though she had her own flaws, i was ever ready to perfect her imperfections because "i think i have fallen in love with an angel"
      But did she see me as one?
      Did she love me as much i did?
      Did she see in me the future i planned with her?
  But did she?
Episode 3 will be coming out soon!!!

#DOI💍? Spoken word piece by kwame Shelta coming out soon🔥🔥🔥