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Top 10 Biggest Ghanaian Songs Of The Decade!!!

This decade has undoubtedly been the biggest in the history of Ghanaian music birthing some of the  most talented artistes ever to hit the scenes. From the historical two times BET award winning art,  Sarkodie, to the best-selling dancehall artiste in Africa, Shatta wale, to the Nickelodeon and BET award  winning art, stonebwoy, to the first female to have won the most coveted artiste of the year accolade,  the late Ebony Reigns, Ghanaian music has seen huge prominence worldwide this last 10years.   Nonetheless, the underlining factor amidst all these recognitions is the consistency in the number of  monster hits produced over these years which have left music lovers in frenzy. From Stonebwoy’s hit
song ‘Higher’ to kofi kinatta’s beautifully woven ‘Susuka’ to Praye’s electrifying ‘Angelina’, there’s clearly
no doubt that Ghanaians have been deliciously served with lots of tasty music within the said span.      As we finally draw the curtains down on one of the most exciting decades in our lives, join me travel  down memory lane as we journey through ten of the biggest hit songs to have captured our ears and  interests this decade.

10. You Go Kill Me – Sarkodie ft EL  

Released in the year 2012, this bashing hiplife song was the ice breaker for the then trending  Azonto dance. Featuring a young EL, Sarkodie won our hearts and the dance floor with a rap we  all related well to. This song eventually won the Vodafone song of the year that season.
9.   Mansah – Bisa k. Dei

In the best moments of his career, Bisa k. Dei released arguably the best highlife song of the  decade in Mansah. Winning the Vodafone song of the year in 2016, this song received huge  applauds from highlife lovers worldwide.
8.   Lapaz Toyota – Guru

Arguably the biggest hit in 2012, Guru’s lapaz Toyota track was the real ish back then.
Complementing the biggest dance trend (Azonto) back then, there was virtually no party in the  city without this song. Nominated for various awards, music lovers were left fuming when the  song ended up winning nothing during the V.G.M.A ceremony that year.
7. Walahi – R2Bees

‘Walahi bebia me du ni bankuma… I keep moving on I’m a soldier… I no go loose the title I’m a  holder…’ The chorus which classed R2Bees with the legendary status in Ghanaian music. A  smooth afrobeat rhythm triggered to inspire the youths on the streets, it came as no shocker  when this masterpiece swept the song of the year and literally winning the group, the  prestigious artiste of the year title in 2014.
6. Dancehall king – Shatta Wale  

The resurgence of Bandana as the ‘King of dancehall’, shatta wale’s first single after his long  years in exile was an instant monstrous hit. Causing a huge stir in the music circle, this song was  a bid to announce his return into the dancehall fraternity with ascending the ‘throne’ as its
main goal. Winning the dancehall song and Vodafone song of the year with the SM president  winning artiste of the year in 2014, it could be well said that this dancehall jam catapulted  shatta wale into the fame he is enjoying now.
5. Tonga – Joey B ft. Sarkodie

Joey B, the discovery of the year 2014, shook the Christmas scenes of 2013 nationwide with his
biggest hit ‘tonga’, featuring the best Gh rapper Sarkodie. A tune well received by the young  ones, it was no secret it suffered a lot of backlash from our older generation due to its profanity
hence its inability to be recognized and nominated in that year’s national music award scheme.  Despite this, we all agree that our Christmas would have been incomplete without this insane  banger.
4. Adonai Remix – Sarkodie ft. Castro

Before Castro was swallowed by the sea( no offence), there was one legacy he left behind which  Ghanaians and Sarkodie in particular will be forever be grateful for; his incredible singing voice. 68  million YouTube views and still counting, sarkodie’s hip life rendition of SK Blinks’ Adonai song off his
sarkology song has been his biggest hit and the most viewed Ghanaian song on YouTube. Winning the  song of the year in 2015, this song gave Obidi the huge continental recognition he has now.
3. Telemo – Gasmilla ft. Capasta 

In the year 2017, the biggest jam to ever hit the shores of Accra and its environs was released  by none other by the Azonto king himself Gasmilla featuring the young rapper from the north,  Capasta. Sitting on music charts nationwide for more than a year, this bashing Ga jama tune  showed no traits of stepping down. No wonder it came as a huge shock when it was not  nominated in the V.G.M.A gala held that year, loosing it’s supposed spot to Atom’s ‘ye wo  krom’ hit song.
2. Onapo – Dee Aja  

In the mid-year of 2016, the popular biblical verse, john 3: 16, was reinvented to suit a political cause.  Nonetheless, what most Ghanaians regardless of political affiliations, didn’t see coming was the tune
which was going to leave the whole nation in a complete limbo. Though eventually surprisingly loosing  the national election by a mile, the NDC’s ‘Onapo’ song remains the best political campaign song ever in  Ghanaian republican history. Played in churches as well as night clubs and campaign grounds, we all  secretly yearn for it to resurge in our 2020 electional campaigns.
1. One Corner – Patapaa ft. Ras cann

The first word that comes to mind when the term ‘one corner’ is mentioned is crazy. The  epitome of the word ‘viral’, Patapaa’s one corner jam still remains the biggest song to  be released this decade. Making headway in the diaspora, nothing was as ridiculous and  cynical than the dance accompanying the tune. Losing the song of the year 2017 to
fancy Gadam’s ‘Total Cheat’ due to massive votes from the north, we all know that no
song comes closest to its impact on Ghanaian music and its recognition  worldwide. It won the song of the year at the UK-Ghana music awards.

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