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Total Annihilation!!!! FameBoy Royale Shuts Down New Juaben SRC Week Celebration With An Electrifying Performance

To climax the weeklong activities of  New Juaben SRC week celebration, New Juaben hosted the leader of Royale Empire, FameBoy Royale, which led to an electrifying performance to a massive crowd of students and fans who thronged in the campus hall to witness an exclusive performance of the renowned Rapper. 

With sterling performances lasting over 30minutes, FameBoy Royale wowed the audience while he Rapped with admiration and chants from fans.

Artist like;RJZ, Darl Phyngers, Too Sweet, Abiolizi and CountryBwoy added spice to the event with their lively performances.
follow the link below to watch full performance
{Watch Here }

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