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A couple goes viral with the simplest wedding ceremony in history

It appears simple weddings are the new thing that everyone must go by now. A couple has gone global on social media over their simple wedding ceremony

It could be denoted from the pictures that people present wouldn't count to the number 10
However there wasn't anything flashy to prove wealth.And this signifies that too much money wasn't invested in the ceremony

Its better to have it simple but memorable and enjoy forever than to have it flashy but end in tears.

Consider this;

Small weddings are hardly taken into consideration in the part of the world we live in.. Most people think having classy and flashy weddings mean the marriage will be successful forever but that isnt a guarantee.. Marriage can stand devoid of the cost of the ceremony. People sometimes go for loans just to make expensive provisions for their weddings .
Is it really necessary ?
Let's note that those we're trying to impress wouldn't play a part in the payment of our debts.

Those who care don't matter and those that matter don't care

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