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Emelia Brobbey Opens Up On Shocking Reasons Why She Ventured Into Music

Kumawood Actress now musician Emelia Brobbey, says her decision to enter music was to entertain her fans.

According to Emelia, she did not venture into music because of the money she will gain from it but because she’s passionate about singing. She added that she has talk shows and other private jobs which fetches her enough money so her venture into music was not because of money.

Emelia Brobbey dropped her first single “fa me ko” in October which brought the whole country to a standstill. While some trolled her for having a “frog voice” others also commended her boldness.

Emelia Brobbey has released another single with RuffTown records signee Wendy Shay titled “Odo electric”. She has assured her fans of more songs as she hinted her song yet to be released with high Life artist Kuami Eugene.

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