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Wendy Shay Explains The Use of "#Ghana Wake Up "

Now more than ever, almost every post Rufftown Records Signee, Wendy Shay makes on Social Media, she ends it by saying , Ghana Wake up’. Many Ghanaians are getting tired of this ‘Ghana Wake up’ thing.

When asked on Citi TV this afternoon why she she’s being using ‘Ghana Wake up’ to end her various posts on Social Media, Wendy Shay claimed she uses that to create an awareness on various stuff she posts about.

She said,

“Basically, when I say Ghana wake up, I mean yo Ghana listen to me. Maybe this could be an issue that we tackle,”

Wendy Shay continued,

“Like this FDA banning Celebs from Advertising Alcoholic Beverages, i felt we are being unfairly treated by the FDA hence i made that post and ended it by saying GH celebs, wake up, just to create an awareness”.

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