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BEHIND THE SMILES - Delanya Writes

A Poem That Tells The Unseen Scars People Don't Usually Tell

For each sweet news I hear, I cry;
Even if it's the best I ever heard.
Not because I hate goodies;
Perhaps, it took so long a time for it to happen 
Yet I Smile

Every woman I know eats banana's;
Nothing sinister tends to arise
But, when I do eat,
The end result hit me so hard
Just like the erection of a man
Yet I Smile 

Mama once said to me ;
"You  could pass for a beauty contest
You could take everyone by surprise 
When it's all about to end,
You wouldn't emerge a Victor 
That's because ; you don't look like one"
Yet I Smile 

For all this and many others
That happen backdoor ,
I say cheese to take a picture 
Because I still believe 
Someone is going to kill me with enjoyment 

Maybe I didn't have the genes of  Adiepena
But someday ;
I'm going to be  'The Girl's Dem Sugar'
That's why I Smile

Make me one of your own
When I try to smile
Despite the fact I'm not Efya
Do consider my personality as Bisa Kdei

On , On , On
We Shall March On
And strike all yokes
Until there's enough egg to consume 
So, I Smile

Behind the smiles,
Lies all these heartbreaks that can't be uttered
It's not always pain 
Behind The Smiles