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Strong Reasons Why Sex Is Unique During The Rainy Days

While there is no time of day or season of the year that sex cannot take place, the rainy season seems to possess that extra turn-on for activities between the sheets.
Why is this so? Find out!
You need the warmth. Drenched bodies call for some action and you long for your partner to rock the night! With rains pouring outside, accompanied by thunderstorms and lightning, you need the rain of love inside, and a cosy environment perfect for a beautiful love session.
Pleasant weather. Rains make the weather pleasant and one feels relaxed enough to indulge the carnal desires. With soft winds blowing, and tiny rain droplets cooling off the entire atmosphere, the probability is that you’re hot and eager to have sex.
Water and fire. When hard-hitting rain collides with the heat generated by the passion of two bodies, only sex can happen! Sex becomes more meaningful and pleasurable when the forces of nature clash to create the magic!
Wet clothes. The human body, when covered in wet clothes, becomes a formula for sexual arousal. Who doesn’t love their partner fully drenched and oozing sensuality without even trying? It’s a sight to soothe your senses, not to mention to act upon it as well.
Perfect season. The dry season can be too dry, hot and sweaty for many people, such that sex takes the back seat on their bucket list. The harmattan season may also be too cold, sometimes, that you are reluctant to take off your clothes. The rainy season therefore seems a perfect gift from nature to just let go of all your inhibitions, relax your mind and only consider giving pleasure to your partner and deriving same for yourself.
Music. Are you musically inclined? Well, which other season has as many songs dedicated to it about romance than the rainy season? Listen to any language of the world, it will have songs dedicated to the rains and romance. The music just adds to the pleasures of the moment and gives a distinct ambiance to the entire atmosphere, making it look like fantasy come true!
The bottom line: Hit the bed! The rains are here just for a while. So, don’t miss the action!

Some Benefits of Sex
Lots of people think having sex is immoral and uncouth for those who are not married.. But others don't mind because maybe they one way or the way know the essence of having sex.
Some benefits of having sex include;
° It reduces stress and anxiety among individuals
° Sex enables one to have a better and quality sleep 
° It increases your libido
° Sex improves the immune system
° Engaging in sex lowers the risk of having heart diseases

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