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What Every Relationship Needs - Delanya Writes

Relationship is the manner or state in which people are connected . This could also be the way in which two or more groups of people behave towards each other.
It's a sure thing that every human one way or the other is related  somehow to someone. Currently, you and I are in a relationship because you're reading what I've written .

However relationships come in different aspects . Some include; asexual relationship , open relationship , intimate relationship ,long-distance relationship among others. But how well do we sustain these relationships?

It's a good thing to keep contact with people,thus,building good connections with people no matter what. Sometimes what makes a relationship work well isn't about the very things we intentionally do . I could tell that buying surprise gifts alone for a friend might not help keep your relationship . Do you know why?
That's because you haven't considered the practices below;

Communication And Connection

Sending and exchanging information by means of speaking through phone calls,writing through SMS or letters and chatting on social media (WhatsApp , Facebook, Telegram) is a means of communication. 
Communication therefore creates a connection and in turns build a strong relationship. Having a good way to communicate issues to people creates the awareness that you can be counted on. And if someone counts on you ,it means a lot. 
Sometimes communicating to people may seem as disturbance but knowing what to communicate at what time makes it a whole mood. Talking about new appointments, how hectic or fun the day went, sharing irritating memories. All these connects you to one another to keep the relationship going 

• Self-love 

Love is a feeling which shouldn't be an option and must not have an alternative altogether in life. Every human deserves love from within ( yourself) and from others. 
Self is you. Yes only you. 
You should be able to experience your own love before you could give out love . Why because if you don't love yourself,you loose yourself and in the long run loose others. Most individuals today are victims of disappointments in relationships due to the fact of not loving themselves. Once you love yourself you have that natural love (feelings) towards others  too
And this makes a good relationship 

• Trust

To have confidence and reliance in yourself,someone,or something is trust. Where there's is no trust, there's no progress .
What we fail to know is trust isn't just in relation to humans. For us to do some activities or undertake certain projects in life we need to trust our efforts and inputs.

Imagine I want to buy a plane within a month,I trust my works and the steps I take to achieving this. Trust is a perfect spice that puts our relationship on a golden plate 
However ,trust is built. For me to rely on someone ,you need to give me genuine reasons to do so.
That's your actions must fall in line with your words..

Enjoy your relationship