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Kwaw Kese Speaks On Profitable Ways To Spend Money |CHANGERs AGENCY|

MadHouse Entertainment boss, Kwaw Kese has confirmed that most people are so much obsessed with buying cars and advice them to wake up from their dreams and rather invest their monies into other profitable businesses that would be of benefit to them some time to come.

Rapper cautioned and condemned people who stay in rented apartments yet rejoice when they buy luxurious cars. However,  he recounted he bought a car in 2008 which cost about $20, 000 and is currently worthless. But if he had invested that huge some of money in a business, it reapings would have been great by now.

 Kwaw Kese added that if you buy a car today, the value may drop in a few years but if you buy a house and resell at a higher price, you would have made some profit.
He said that is where he was investing now. He said his motive was that he was looking at the future and thinking about his family’s future.
Kwaw Kese said he bought an expensive Land Rover for his wife and also gifted his Mustang. While speaking, he said owning a car in America was nothing so he did not see why Ghanaians should make a fuss about a car.
The Swedru-Agona singer then moved on to indicate that most musicians make their money mainly through performances and sometimes streams. He said streams were not enough to afford a car.

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